Tama 38: Meet the stages of project implementation

Despite the potential inherent in the projects of Tama 38, has quite a bit of opposition. But the bigger problem is the developers, who want to make easy money and did not always finish the job. How do you know how to carry out a project without falling into the trap?

Answers inside:
So how not to fall into the trap?
Tama 38 area attracts professionals in diverse disciplines, who are trying to enjoy the profits that are accessible: Realtors, builders, developers are starting to everyone who smells the potential of it. So how you can avoid falling into the trap? Here are the steps recommended action tenants who want to Tama 38 .
Step 1: Preliminary activities of tenants – is carried out by tenants
Gathering residents’ meeting for the purpose of promoting project Tama 38 and the appointment of representatives of a majority of 80%.
Choosing a professional body that will oversee the tenants and signing a power of attorney and representation accompaniment.
Step 2: Feasibility Study Tama 38 – performed by professional staff accompanies the tenants
Feasibility Study for compliance Tama 38 (check when the building was constructed, what is the area of ​​the building and whether it complies with the law).
Step 3: feasibility studies and building rights – is performed by a professional team that accompanies the tenants
Legal feasibility study by a lawyer on behalf of tenants.
Rights and feasibility testing architecture by an architect on behalf of tenants.
Step 4: Distribution of tender offers developers control – performed by professional staff accompanies the tenants and tenants’ representatives
Preparation and dissemination of a tender for entrepreneurs – After reviewing the rights in, and mission staff prepared lists with the requirements of tenants that will show entrepreneurs.
Obtaining at least two projects proposals.
Checking offers entrepreneurs – the developer is supposed to measure the size of the existing housing, including annexed terraces area apartments. As part of the offer tenants the developer to present the new size of the apartment and a preliminary sketch of the typical floor of the new building simulation. Professional staff from the tenants will examine the proposal and send revisions (Architect will review the specifications and sketch, and real estate appraiser will examine the value of new homes).
Checking the revised proposals, as required by tenants.
Step 5: Selecting initiated operation – performed by a professional team, everyone in the building and mission
Formulating a recommendation by the tenants’ representatives, in cooperation with the project management team, as the architect of Real Estate Appraisers recommend.
The existence of another residents’ meeting for the presentation of offers developers and decision (with the participation of professional staff).
It is also advisable at this time to hire the services of an inspector of the tenants, to help examine the technical specifications recommended by the developer (the payment of the fees of the Commissioner pays the developer).
Preparation of an agreement between the developer tenants (by the lawyer of the team).
Step 6: approval in principle of the program in the municipality – is performed by the developer chosen in front of municipal engineering director
Step 7: preparation of detailed plans – performed by the developer chosen in front of municipal engineering director
The developer should present tenants the detailed plans submitted and received in principle by the city.
Step 8: signing an agreement making – is performed by the selected developer, tenants’ representatives and a lawyer from tenants
Step 9: The building permit – performed by the developer chosen
In the case of the demolition of the building, it is important to note that 90 days before the permit is received evacuate tenants from their apartments – but not before they receive the Sale Law guarantee fair new apartment and a guarantee for the payment of rent.
Step 10: performing the work and supervision – is performed by an inspector of tenants
Construction Supervisor checks to see if the developer builds accordance with the permit and according to the timetable set, and checks for construction defects and the like.
Step 11: Finish the construction work of checking – performed by the selected entrepreneur successfully!

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