Migdalai Tzion, Arnona, Jerusalem

$460,000 (Starting from)


Elite Residential Buildings in Jerusalem

In the Morning

Open the window, take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy your new morning with the panoramic view offered by the Zion Towers   the new luxury towers from Achim Hasid. The towers in Jerusalem, each with 24 stories reaching into the sky, will engulf you in heavenly living. The project is a breakthrough and redefines the city’s living culture and experience.

Look to the right and you can see the impressive view of Old Jerusalem; look to the left and experience the dawns and dusks of the Judean Desert, some of the most magical in the world   after taking in all of this beauty, you can start your day.

In the Evening

When you return to your luxurious living environment, you will enter a lobby that is designed in modern decor with a seating area and reception. From there you can go to stretch your muscles and relax in the gym and sauna while deepening your connections with the tower’s residents. Finally, you will return to your lavish apartment, that has been designed according to your personal taste and with the assistance the finest architects and engineers.

After unwinding in the very spacious living room and looking at the amazing landscape from the windows, let yourself smile – a smile of satisfaction, and begin to understand that this is the way life looks from up high.

Achim Hasid is a company the deals with building Jerusalem projects and enables you to purchase a new apartment from a contractor. If you are looking for jerusalem apartments for sale or Jerusalem real estate, especially new ones, you are invited to look at the apartments that were expertly and professionally built by Achim Hasid.


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